Concept- We stay informed and are at the forefront of cultural trends. We are immerse ourselves to help refine and develop a concept. 

Services include: research, trend forecasting, ideation, messaging.

Menu Development, Engineering, and Inventory Management- We get into the kitchen with our clients to develop menus for both food and beverage. Once the menu is locked down, we make sure purveyors are in place and margins are met.

Services include: menu costing and engineering, connecting with suppliers

Kitchen Design- We work with your team to build and design your kitchen. 

Services include: Coordinating design and construction

Training- Having worked in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, we have built upon our training and are able to integrate ourselves into any property to build and train a team.

Services include: scheduling, training for FOH + BOH, HR, hiring, staffing, systems, processes, and standards

Program Curation- We curate programs and events that support and grow your brand.

Services include: content & events curation

Visual Identity- We work with clients to build a uniquely resounding visual identity

Services include: naming, logo design, website design, packaging, selecting os+e

Launch Strategy + Implementation- We believe in a holistic approach that allows a brand’s seed to grow organically. This starts with strong messaging and proper planning.

Services include: planning, communications consulting, social media strategy